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CBT Course

A 1 day course designed to prepare new riders to ride up to a 125cc motorcycle or scooter

  • Ride up to 125cc (11Kw) scooter or motorcycle

  • Ride on dual carriageways

  • You cannot ride on motorways or take passengers

  • You must display L plates

  • Valid for 2 years

  • You may train with up to three other students

What you'll learn

The basics of motorcycle controls and handling

You'll learn how a motorcycle works; the controls, maintenance and safety checks you should conduct before riding and how to move and park your bike.

How to safely ride and control a scooter or motorcycle off road

The instructor will teach you maneuvers, braking, observations, clutch control and gear changing (on a manual motorcycle). You'll spend a lot of time riding around cones, practicing different road riding scenarios and techniques.

Road riding theory

You'll be shown diagrams and discuss the correct theory of how to ride safely on the road and asked questions about what to do.

Practical road riding

You'll spend at least 2 hours riding on a variety of roads with your instructor, who will give directions through a radio earpiece.

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